‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Paul Gets Halting Hex Information From Production, Did Jessica Graf Lie?

Big Brother 19 spoilers now include some interesting information Paul Abrahamian has about the Halting Hex. These latest Big Brother 19 spoilers come from early Sunday morning (July 30) in the house, following Paul spending some time in the Diary Room. He returned to the kitchen and struck up a conversation with Elena Davies and Alex Ow that took place right on the live feeds.

Paul told the group that was in the kitchen, including Josh Martinez and Mark Jansen, that he had been told that nobody has safety for the next three weeks. This is one component of the story that Jessica told several other people in the BB19 house about the power of the Halting Hex. Now, as soon as Paul started talking about what he was told, the live feeds got the “fish treatment,” blocking out some parts of the conversation. In reality, Jessica has four weeks in which to use her power but once used, it is gone for good.

Paul also revealed some crucial Big Brother 19 spoilers that fans had been unsure about for the past few weeks. People who were awarded one of the temptations can reveal anything they want about the special powers, but they aren’t allowed to lie about them. Jessica Graf not only told other houseguests that she wasn’t allowed to reveal everything about the Halting Hex, but she also lied about some of the specifics. It was a bad game move for Jessica because now Elena Davies wants nothing to do with her any longer.

Elena Davies and Christmas Abbott had a long discussion about Jessica Graf and how she has been acting in the BB19 house lately. They did it all in front of Alex Ow, who was trying to sleep in one of the beds from that room. The trio, as well as Mark Jansen, are the three Have Nots for the week. They talked about how Jessica was changing her strategy from winning to just making the BB19 jury. While this discussion was taking place, though, Mark was in the other room gossiping with Jason Dent about how Josh Martinez had been acting in the house for the past 24 hours.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr in an article about Big Brother 19 spoilers, the prolonged argument and verbal fight between Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez had come to a head. Following the Week 5 Nomination Ceremony, Josh went back to banging the pots and pans in the BB19 house, but Mark had enough of it, and it seemed like the guys were close to exchanging punches. Kevin Schlehuber stepped in between them, though, and they simply kept it to a verbal exchange of put-downs.

It’s very clear that Elena has turned on Jessica and has returned to an original friendship she had with Christmas from their first week in the game. This could be an important turn of events when the BB19 jury starts getting formed, as the two ladies appear like they would vote for each other to win the $500,000 prize. Neither one has a target on them at the moment, either, possibly providing a hint that they could be making it a lot further in the game this summer. The lies Jessica told Elena may have completely “burned that bridge” between the ladies.

There is definitely going to be a confrontation on Sunday (July 30) when Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson finally emerge from their slumber. Many of the BB19 cast members want her to tell the truth about the Halting Hex, especially after Paul Abrahamian received the new information from production. Will Jessica tell the truth when confronted by Paul? Is she planning on using the temptation power this week? A lot more Big Brother 19 spoilers will soon be revealed on the live feeds.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]