Serena Williams Turns Baby Gender Into Commercial Opportunity, Plans Wedding With To-Be Husband Alexis Ohanian

Jenny Cox

Serena Williams may have started as a tennis player, but she is a businesswoman at heart. She played her last matches at the Australian Open 2017, which she took home the championship title, and since then, she has been taking time off to get ready for her baby. Throughout her pregnancy, the former world number one has been keeping up with her business obligations, endorsing and promoting brands through her social media accounts. She even turned guessing her baby's gender into a commercial opportunity for SurveyMonkey!

Taking time off from the court means that the 35-year-old tennis player has a lot more time to invest into her business partnerships. She currently serves on the board of SurveyMonkey, and to promote the Internet company, she decided to play a little game with her fans to see what the gender of her baby will be.

She has admitted before that she is "a teenager at heart" and that she is "basically a millennial." So it makes sense that she has made the Silicon Valley a part of her business ventures. Also, the fact that her to-be husband Alexis Ohanian is the founder of Reddit means that she gets a lot of information through him.

But it looks like Serena is going old school when it comes to using technology to figure out the gender of her baby. She has instead chosen to find out on the day of the birth.

Recently, she made a personal post about how Tempurpedic has positively influenced her nighttime rest.

"Some days I'll do a long walk and most days I do pool workouts, which are fun and new for me, because I never really do that," she said. "I try to play tennis once a week -- at minimum -- and sometimes I try to make it out twice a week. I don't do too much. No running or anything like that; I just kind of relax and have fun and work on my stroke. I'll tell my hitter that I don't want to lose my touch, and he just laughs at me."

She also has been planning her wedding with her husband-to-be Alexis Ohanian. The couple revealed in a Vanity Fair interview that they plan to have the baby first. Their wedding will take place shortly after, giving Serena time to train for a comeback next season.

That means that Alexis Ohanian is also busy getting some work done before the arrival of the baby. He has been documenting his business travels, hinting various collaborations with big American institutions.

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