L.A. Lakers Rumors & News: NBA Legend Shaq Drops Diss Track Towards LaVar Ball As Big Baller Forfeits Game

In the latest Los Angeles Lakers rumors and news, the verbal sparring continues between Shaquille O’Neal and LaVar Ball. Before the NBA season even begins, it appears a former player is taking shots at the dad of the possible “face of the franchise” for the Lakers years to come. Former Lakers champion Shaq has released several hip-hop albums in the past, so he’s got some decent skills. He decided to resurrect those skills to record something special for LaVar Ball. Shaq Diesel mentioned plenty about the father of the newest L.A. star, Lonzo Ball, in a new diss track he put out including claims that LaVar could defeat him one-on-one. Being the outspoken guy he is, the owner of the Big Baller Brand has also responded to the track already.

The TMZ website reported on Friday about Shaq’s new diss track, which is a response to LaVar Ball’s comments to him. The two have apparently been in a “feud” since this past May. The clever new song mentions how Shaq was the first “Big Baller Brand,” and that O’Neal “been doing this a long time…when you were averaging two points riding the pine.” Shaq goes on to take shots at LaVar for claiming he can beat Michael Jordan, as well as himself. Making it even better, the former Lakers star uses some lines to pitch a few of the products he’s a spokesman for including General Insurance and Icy Hot. He lets LaVar know about the accolades and parades, telling him it’s about time to bow down to his statue outside the Staples Center.

Shaq diss track to LaVar Ball Lonzos dad responds
LaVar Ball replied to a recent diss track made about him by NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. [Image by Getty Images]

LaVar Ball has already tried his best comeback, minus a classic rap beat behind his words. As Bleacher Report indicated, LaVar commented on Friday night saying, “He gotta put my name in whatever he doing, else wise everybody forget about Shaq.”

One has to wonder if that’s true, as Shaq is visible in commercials such as the Icy Hot and General Insurance he mentions in his rap track. In addition, he’s one of the analysts on the NBA on TNT crew who will be covering multiple teams and players, including the Los Angeles Lakers with Lonzo Ball. So far, Shaq doesn’t seem to mention Lonzo in his diss track or comments, mainly aimed towards LaVar.

The diss track arrives just as LaVar Ball was involved in some more of his antics on the court. During his Big Baller Brand’s recent Adidas Summer Championships basketball game versus Team BBC, chaos broke out due to LaVar earning a technical foul. Adidas replaced the female official who called the foul midway through the game, but Ball earned a second tech and was tossed. However, organizers ended the game as a forfeit after that second ejection, and it ended as a 10-point Team BBC win. After the game, LaVar made comments to the effect that the particular official wasn’t suited for the referee position and needs to “stay in her lane.”

Meanwhile, the Lakers had a good summer for the most part as they were able to debut Lonzo and he showed early glimpses of what may be coming for the franchise. The team captured the NBA Summer League Las Vegas championship thanks to Lonzo’s performances. While he didn’t participate in the final game, he was instrumental in their wins leading up to it. Not only did Lonzo Ball look impressive, but young star Kyle Kuzma also surprised people during the summer and looked great on the court along with Lonzo. Now the team will await training camp in late September, with the preseason and regular season following shortly after. The off-court antics by two guys linked to the Lakers, but not playing for them are just a sideshow for now.

Lakers players Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma at Summer League
Lakers players Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma showed promise during NBA Summer League Las Vegas. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

By the way, Shaquille O’Neal’s diss track wasn’t all lines against LaVar Ball. In fact, Shaq also gives some respect to LaVar as a dad saying, “You’ve done a great job, I love how your sons play.” He also mentions LaMelo and that he’s got a good attitude along with a “wet jumper.” LaVar should take what he can from the big man before Shaq starts enlisting guest stars for the next diss track.

NBA fans, what do you think of the Shaquille O’Neal diss track towards LaVar Ball? Is it all good fun, or unnecessary publicity ahead of the NBA season?

[Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]