Elizabeth Smart Is Bringing Her Story To TV, Reveals She Is Proud Of It

Elizabeth Smart has been through a lot over her life, and now she is going to be bringing her story to television. Yahoo! shared an interview with Smart where she talks about her new movie, I Am Elizabeth Smart, that will be coming to Lifetime. As a child, she was abducted from her Salt Lake City home in 2002.

Now 15-years later, Elizabeth Smart is coming out with the Lifetime movie, but also a documentary called Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography, and this one will air on Lifetime and A&E both. Smart actually said that it is the best and worst movie she has ever seen. Smart says that it is a very accurate movie, but obviously, this truth was hard for her to watch. Smart was the producer on this movie.

Smart actually explained a bit about how she felt and that she didn’t plan to do a movie or a book at first, but it is happening. She went ahead and did what she thought was right for her. Here is what Smart had to say.

“When I came home, I swore myself up and down that I wouldn’t write a book, I wouldn’t do a movie. I wanted it all to disappear, I wanted it all to go away. For years, I felt that way, but little by little, I started to become more involved in advocacy and meeting more survivors and people who were involved in similar things … it’s kind of my world now, and I realized I have an opportunity. I have a unique opportunity to share my story because there are so many survivors out there who struggle every day … they feel like no one understands what they’re going through. … I feel like I need to speak out because I can.”

The main thing is that Elizabeth Smart’s story has been in the media for so long that she wanted to make sure she told the story the right way. She wants everyone to hear the truth from her, and that is what this movie and documentary will do for her. Smart does say that Skeet Ulrich looks just like her abductor once he was in makeup for the movie. Ulrich admitted that he had nightmares during the filming of the movie.


Elizabeth Smart is doing great now and is actually married with two children. She has been through a lot through the years. She actually wants everyone to set up Amber Alerts on their phone and help find children who get abducted.

“No child deserved to go through what I went through. No child deserves to be taken, to be raped, to be murdered.”

She believes that if people have Amber Alerts set up, they can help find these children before it is too late.


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[Featured Image by George Frey/Getty Images]