‘BB19’: Jessica And Cody Had A Second Chance At Getting Back On Track But Missed The Mark – Again

BB19 fans watched as Jessica won HOH on the heels of Cody winning the Battle Back. Reunited and ready to rumble, the two worked on a plan to regain some control of the Big Brother game. They forgot that Cody had already blown up every alliance he had made, and houseguests don’t tend to forget when someone betrays their trust.

Fans of BB19 watched the live eviction last night that ended up shocking no one in the house. Kevin had told Jessica what was coming, betraying Team Paul. Before that, Kevin was loved in the house by all and was in a perfect position. He was under the radar even though he has not won anything other than the $25,000 he took on premiere night that opened the house up for Paul’s entry.

Jessica had more power last week than any player in the history of Big Brother. She was HOH, held the Power of Veto, and is still holding the Halting Hex for another two evictions. A strategic player would have taken the opportunity to make a power move and take out a big gun. According to Joker’s Updates, she had said to Cody that she would like to cut off the head, referring to Paul. As much as Team Paul fans would have hated that, it would have been the best game move for them. There is no room in the Big Brother house for two alpha males, and Cody would have again been able to be the dominant male.

At the end of the evening, Jessica mentioned the temptation she is holding, claiming she had the power to keep both her and Cody safe for weeks. Paul is a veteran and knows that this is an exaggeration of any power she holds. Kevin has known for a few days about the Halting Hex and had kept it to himself.



Jessica and Cody are far from out of danger. With Team Paul having control of the house and nominations this week, BB19 fans will likely be seeing Jessica use the Halting Hex on Thursday. Even if a pawn is up against Cody, Jessica will have to use it if she wants to keep Cody in the Big Brother house with her. Of course, with the curse that Julie told fans about, there may be a third nominee sitting on the block as well.

Do you think Jody missed a great opportunity last week? Will they pay a price for sticking to a safe plan rather than making a game-changing move? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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