WWE Officials Have Major Concerns About Big Cass’ Future As A Singles Star

Big Cass is arguably in the most important period of his WWE career because he’s been given the chance to become a strong midcard heel on Raw. Enzo Amore was able to get over as a strong babyface with the fans as most people expected he would, but his true objective has been to help Big Cass’ heel turn by putting him over in their matches. Enzo has done his job, and Big Show is expected to do the same thing for Big Cass.

At WWE Summerslam, the feud between Big Cass and Big Show will culminate in a match between the two big men. Unless WWE officials are planning a major swerve, Big Cass will be going over and should receive a solid boost after defeating the future WWE Hall of Famer. After the biggest party of the summer, Big Cass should have a lot of heat after defeating The Big Show and Enzo, but WWE officials are worried about him.

It’s being reported that the powers that be are still very high on Big Cass right now and his push is expected to continue for quite some time. However, there are some WWE officials who are concerned about Big Cass being able to keep his heat and momentum strong once the rivalry with Enzo Amore and Big Show is over.

The Rivalry Between Big Cass and Enzo Amore Can Only Last For So Long
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Of course, WWE officials will have every opportunity to put him in the best feuds possible to build Big Cass’ status as a strong midcard heel, but there is some concern about Cass not being able to make it as a heel in the long term on WWE programming. He’s received a lot of comparisons to Test, which is to say both men had every physical advantage in the world, but neither had the charisma to become a superstar for WWE.

Big Cass Will Likely Face Off With The Big Show at WWE Summerslam
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Heading into WWE Summerslam, The Big Show will do his best to help elevate Big Cass as the next giant on Raw. That stamp of approval from the future WWE Hall of Famer is important to establish Cass as the next big thing on WWE programming, but the powers that be should be careful about his booking once the feud with Enzo Amore and Big Show are over. Big Cass has claimed that he can be a big challenge to Brock Lesnar. He has the potential to reach that level. WWE officials just need to lead him through the minefield.

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