Huge Shark Gets Stuck On Deck Of Long Island Fishing Boat After Flipping Out Of Water [Video]

A large shark jumped out of the water and landed on the deck of a fishing boat in Long Island, New York. The entire incident was captured on a cell phone video and has gone viral.

The shark frantically tried to free itself from the deck of the Outlaw Fishing Charters boat, succeeding in only bloodying its mouth on the guardrail. The anglers on board the Long Island fishing boat looked horrified as they watched the huge shark struggle to get back into the water.

Outlaw Fishing Charters boat captain, Don Law, ultimately managed to tie a rope around the shark’s fin while a member of his crew worked to keep the gnashing teeth of the panicked shark pointing in the other direction. The charter crew member hooked the shark’s mouth with fishing line to stabilize it.

The Long Island fishing charter crew members were eventually able to lower the shark back into the water. Once the shark was back where it belonged, Captain Low cut the rope that was tied around the fin and released the shark.

Mako sharks, like the one that jumped into the Long Island boat, typically weigh between 132 and 298 pounds and grow to up to 10 feet long, the Daily Mail reports. This breed of shark is also known as the bonito shark and the blue pointer shark.

Due to its exceptional speed in the water, the Mako shark has often been referred to as the “peregrine falcon” of sharks, according to a report by Sharks-World. The peregrine falcon is the fastest bird on the planet. Because of the Mako shark’s intense speed, it is a formidable ocean predator. Sharks of this breed have been known to jump into fishing boats on more than one occasion.

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” the New York boat captain joked, referencing the most famous line from the Hollywood classic, Jaws, while trying to get the massive shark back into the water.

Ironically, the bizarre shark encounter in New York happened during “Shark Week.” The annual broadcast event on the Discovery Channel was created by Tom Golden during the summer of 1988.

[Featured Image by Alexyz3d/Shutterstock]