Watch The Mayan Apocalypse Live Stream From Across The World [Video]

The world will finally see next Friday if the Mayan Apocalypse theory is correct. For those who are interested in watching their impending doom — or at least watching people freaking out about their impending doom — you can watch the event (or lack thereof) online through live stream cameras around the world.

Millions of people around the world believe that our planet will come to an abrupt, and likely messy, end on December 21 (next Friday).

While researchers, archaeologists, anthropologists, scientists, and experts on Mayan culture have all extensively debunked any theories regarding the so-called Doomsday, their assurances have not reached everyone, reports the International Business Times.

Mayan Apocalypse watchers (or those looking to laugh, should their theories not hold) can watch live streams across the globe from New York City to Africa. Live streams are being provided through UStream and Livestream. While they normally help people watch city life, birds, the stars, or the sunset, this time they will be used to watch for the possible end of the world.

Regardless of whether the world really ends or not, these cameras will still provide watchers with beautiful views of anything from the stars at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama to a look at South America’s Machu Picchu.

The live streams of the Mayan Apocalypse are as follows:

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center will give an excellent view of the sky, should anything come to the Earth from space (like the fabled Nibiru, or Planet X). This camera was considered the best view of the recent Geminid meteor shower, but also provides an excellent view of the sky, should a wayward planet or asteroid sneak up on us between now and next week.

New York City is the second live stream for the so-called Doomsday. Along with an excellent view of the Empire State Building, the camera on 111 Eighth Avenue in downtown will help those who believe the Mayan Apocalypse will be centered in the Big Apple.

The camera overlooking Pete’s Pond (a waterhole on Mashatu Game Reserve) in Botswana is one of the more famous and popular webcams. It is fantastic for bird watching, though it will also be useful for Doomsday watchers who want a view of the African continent.

While it was the Mayas and not the Incans who were unwittingly behind the 12/21/12 apocalypse date, Machu Picchu is still a fantastic way to keep tabs on South America. The camera is located at Tambo del Inka Resort Spa.

A view of the ocean from a beach in Santa Cruz, California would be an almost ideal place to watch a live stream of the Mayan Apocalypse — especially if it comes in the form of a massive tidal surge.

Another idyllic setting for a view of the end of the world next Friday is a camera high up in the Rocky Mountains in Greeley, Colorado. While it may not provide a shocking view of the destruction of a city or a massive tidal wave, it certainly provides a beautiful view.

Will you be watching the live streams of the rumored Mayan Apocalypse, which millions believe will happen on December 21?