North Dakota Woman Caught Threatening To Kill Somali Muslims Gets Fired From Her Job, Boss Tries To Apologize

A North Dakota woman who was caught on camera threatening to kill Somali Muslims has been fired from her job, the Grand Forks Herald is reporting.

Amber Elizabeth Hensley was captured on video harassing and threatening to kill a group of Muslim women who had recently immigrated from Somalia. In the video, captured on Tuesday of this week, Hensley can be seen and heard making death threats against the three Somali women.

“We’re gonna kill all of ya. We’re gonna kill every one of ya.”

The women called the police, but Hensley left the scene before cops arrived.

Now, Hensley’s actions off the clock have resulted in her termination.

A man who answered the phone at Fargo accounting firm Horab and Wentz confirmed that she was, as of Wednesday, employed at the firm. But the firm, which has been getting harassing phone calls day and night since the video went viral, will no longer tolerate the distraction she’s caused.

“Whenever she gets here, she will be let go.”

As is the case with almost every viral video of someone going off the rails, it’s impossible to know for certain what happened before and after filming. What’s more, some viewers have pointed out that the video appears edited, perhaps leaving out some context.

Warning: The video below contains strong language.

The women claim the confrontation started after they parked their car next to Hensley’s. Hensley claimed the women parked too close and refused to move when she asked them to.

Things escalated from there, with both sides trading insults at one another. Hensley called one of the Somali women “fat” and made fun of her crossed eyes. The women admit to calling Hensley a “fat b***h.” Hensley says that what really sent her off was one of the women making a derogatory comment about Jesus Christ, according to Valley News Live.

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Now that the dust has settled, somewhat, Hensley is apologizing for her actions that day.

“It was not a Christian like thing to do AT ALL and wish I could take it back, but I lost my cool and I can’t. I am terribly sorry.”

One of the women, Sarah Hassan, says she’s willing to accept Hensley’s apology.

“Everyone makes mistakes, you know, and if she says sorry, we accept her, maybe she had a bad day.”

If you’re wondering whether it’s legal for your employer to fire you for your actions off the clock and out of the office, yes it is, especially if your actions cause your employer’s phones to ring off the hook with harassing phone calls. However, laws vary by jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, the Muslim women have filed a complaint with Fargo police, who are, as of this writing, treating this incident as an “open investigation.”

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