Rihanna Weight Gain Divides Fans Between Fat-Shaming 'Plus-Size' Singer And Cheering 'Thick Bad Gal Riri'

Joanne Eglash

Rihanna has made it clear: She owns her curves and takes pride in her thick figure. But after Rihanna recently gained a few pounds, some didn't seem to share her big and beautiful pride. However, for every follower who urged Rihanna to diet and every blogger who used terms such as "plus-size," there seemed to be more fans who approved of the songstress' bigger booty.

This isn't the first time that Rihanna has attracted attention for her weight gain. As the Inquisitr noted, after a sports reporter tried to fat-shame the songstress, she clapped back with a hostile meme, and her Twitter followers cheered her bigger booty, with "thick Rihanna" going viral in the supportive tweets.

"Thick Rihanna is the best Rihanna."

The blogger claimed that a magazine devoted to plus-size models defined "plus size" as for sizes 10 to 14, while a category known as "super-size" is for sizes 16 and up. Therefore, the blogger argued that Rihanna belonged into the world of plus-size women.

"At 5-ft-9 and about 160 pounds, Rihanna fits the category of plus-size."

Turning to Twitter, the fat-shaming haters attacked the singer's weight gain.

"She looks fat!!! Why riri? Go on a diet."

"Rihanna is that friend who gained weight but won't accept she needs to buy a larger size," wrote one Twitter user.

As for what Rihanna herself might think of the brouhaha over her bigger body, she created the term Thickanna back in 2013 when a fan demanded to know if she had gained some weight. The singer responded with a positive affirmation about her weight gain.

"Yasss! #progress #operationThickanna."

When the Rihanna Navy heard about the use of the "plus-size" category for RiRi, they fought back by comparing their own bodies and mocking the term. One claimed that if Rihanna is plus-size, then she is quadruple-size, and another declared that if RiRi is plus-size, then she is morbidly obese. Others came up with similar ways to ridicule the "plus-size" label.

"If Rihanna is plus-sized, just call me Shamu," mocked one loyal fan.

And some warned that this type of body shaming can even be dangerous, leading to eating disorders.

"It can cause severe body image issues and eating disorders in others," cautioned one fan.

The argument wasn't limited to Twitter, however. Rihanna's recent Instagram photos were met with similar cheers and jeers over her weight gain.

"Beautiful," praised another.

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