Floyd Mayweather Recruiting Nate Diaz To Walk With Him During Conor McGregor Fight

The big Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight is coming soon and now it sounds like Floyd has plans to play a few mind games with Conor before the fight. Bleacher Report shared the news that Floyd is trying to recruit Nate Diaz to walk with him before the match and you know this would get Conor’s blood boiling. Conor and Nate have such a history that if Floyd did this you know Conor would see it as a huge diss.

Diaz and McGregor have fought each other twice in the UFC and so far, each has one win. So far, it is not official that Diaz will be walking with him, but this kind of thing would be a great mind game for Mayweather if he can pull it off. If Mayweather can win this fight, then it will be his 50th career win in boxing. He hasn’t had a boxing match since September of 2015. This is McGregor’s first boxing match, but fans know him from the UFC. It will be interesting to see how he can do with boxing.

TMZ shared a video on their YouTube channel that explains Mayweather’s big plans for this fight. TMZ got the chance to talk to one of Mayweather’s TMT members and they asked who Floyd would be walking out with on the big fight night. He said he would love to see Nate Diaz walk out there and he explained that he thinks that Nate will do what he can to keep staying relevant. He doesn’t expect to see Justin Bieber walk out with Floyd at the fight, though. Justin has been close to the team before, but everyone knows that he is doing a lot of things different lately including just canceling the rest of his tour. Justin seems to be changing his life.


What do you think of Floyd Mayweather wanting to recruit Nate Diaz to walk with him before the Conor McGregor fight? Do you think that Nate will go for it? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss the big fight on August 26. This is going to be one fight that you want to watch if Nate is walking out there or not.


[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]