Princess Diana's Burial Ground Targeted By Grave Diggers, Four Attempts Foiled

Princess Diana has been laid to rest on the small island in the middle of the Round Oval lake within Althorp Park's gardens. Earl Spencer, the princess' brother, revealed that despite the location, there were at least four break-ins in an attempt to dig up the late Princess of Wales' body.

The earl relayed that for the past 20 years, Diana's tomb was breached on four occasions. The Spencer family was only thankful that they were able to catch on early and prevent any unfortunate event from happening, the Telegraph reported.

Princess Diana's 53-year-old brother did not say the motives for the attempted break-ins but many believe that if any of the attempts succeeded, the ghouls could have robbed the princess' grave or even worse, stolen her body.

It was learned that the Spencers originally planned to bury the princess in their own family mausoleum which is not far from the lake, however, it did not materialize as it is not really practical. The family was also worried that visitors may invade the locals' space so they chose the isolated island in Althorp Park instead.

"There are some odd people out there and keeping her right here is the safest place," Earl Spencer said.
Likewise, others think that those grave diggers may be obsessed with Princess Diana. Or perhaps, another possible theory is that some people were trying to confirm whether the Princess of Wales was really buried on the site.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana's final resting place at Oval Lake, in Althorp Estate Northampton, UK. [Image by Sion Touhig/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, in a BBC interview, Earl Spencer further shared some shocking details about Princess Diana's funeral in 1997. He claimed that the Buckingham Palace lied to him with regards to the decision to let Princes William and Harry walk behind their mother's hearse.

The Earl explained that he opposed the plan for the princes to join the funeral procession and told the Palace he is certain that his sister would also object to the "very bizarre and cruel" plan. However, the aides asserted that William and Harry wanted to do it, so he gave in and they all walked behind Di's casket.

"It was the worst part of the day by a considerable margin, walking behind my sister's body with two boys who were obviously massively grieving their mother," he said.
Earl Spencer
Lord Charles Spencer, the 9th Earl Spencer, claimed the Palace lied to him regarding Prince William and Harry's funeral march on the day of Princess Diana's interment. [Image by David Rogers/Getty Images]

Prince Harry recently opened up about his mother's death, and in one of his interviews, he recalled the day he walked behind his mother's coffin and said, "I don't think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances."

The prince's comment seems to confirm that he and brother William did not want to join the procession, but the Palace made them. Incidentally, the Royals will mark Princess Diana's 20th death anniversary on Aug. 31.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana's Shrine on the Round Oval at her family home of Althorp. [Image by John McLellan/AP Images]

[Featured Image by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images]