You Can Own Your Very Own Halo Warthog [Video]

Peter Cooper, a writer, graphic novelist and amateur film director, is selling a real-life Warthog (as in the four-wheeled vehicle from the popular Halo video game series).

According to NBC News, Cooper and a crew of fellow Halo fans in the UK built a fully-functional Warthog. His team of video game lovers, led by Daniel Carey-George of Planet Replicas, created the warthog for “Operation Chastity” — the fan-made Halo film Cooper directed.

According to Cooper, the team based their design on the M12 LRV Warthog from the Halo games. They spent a whole year on just the aesthetics, trying to get everything right before starting on the mechanical side.

Now, the real-life Warthog is 100% drivable.

Cooper said:

“We took an old Land Rover Defender 110 that was due to be scrapped and removed everything but the chassis and engine. New wheels were put on, a steel frame constructed, and the body assembled using plywood and fiberglass to create the familiar Halo Warthog shape.”

In fact, those of you interested in how the Warthog was designed, can read about how this Warthog was created on the “Operation Chastity” website.

You can also see the real-life Warthog in action in a fan documentary Cooper directed (shown below).

The Warthog has also been used by Microsoft for Halo 4 publicity events and was used last month in the live-action “Experience Halo” event that took over Lichtenstein.

Unfortunately, keeping the Warthog around has proven too costly for Cooper.

Cooper, after announcing the Warthog sale via Twitter last week, said:

“After years of looking after her it’s reached the point where I can’t afford the storage bills any more, and as such I need to pass the torch on to another Halo fan.”

Cooper’s asking price for the Warthog is £17,500 ($28,000). He is even willing to ship it overseas.

Even though the price might be a little steep, Cooper has already heard back from some interested buyers. He said, “One guy actually offered full price before being vetoed by his wife!”

Cooper just hopes that the Warthog will go to a true Halo fan.

He said:

“What’s important is that the new owner appreciates her for what she is — a real life Halo Warthog that is there to be enjoyed. Someone who would have a great time with it, someone who would savor it. A true Halo fan.”

He might even give a discount to the right buyer.

“For the right fan I would be willing to go lower on the price. I am completely open to offers at this stage — so long as you’re not trying to steal her from me, we can talk,” Cooper stated.

If you are interested in buying your very own Warthog, send Cooper a note via Twitter or send him an email at troopercooper (at) gmail.