Mount Rushmore Quarter To Be Released In 2013

A new Mount Rushmore quarter will be released by the U.S. Mint next year.

According to Yahoo, the America The Beautiful quarter will feature part of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The quarter will depict two workers finishing the sculpture of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln will not be on the new quarter.

Roosevelt and Lincoln may be missing from the new quarter but according to the Rapid City Journal a quarter featuring all four presidents was released in 2006. The complete depiction of Mount Rushmore appeared on South Dakota’s state quarter.

Maureen McGee-Ballinger, chief of interpretation and education at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, told Seattle PI:

“In 2006, there was the full view of the sculpture. Right above that, there was a rink-necked pheasant. This particular design focuses on just two faces — Jefferson and Washington — and doesn’t so much focus on the sculpture but the workers, hanging over the side of the cliff.”

The new quarter will be part of the America the Beautiful series. It will be the 20th quarter released in that series.

Superintendent Cheryl Schreier added:

“We are excited the carving of Mount Rushmore was selected to be honored as a significant site in the state of South Dakota as well as an important National Park Service site.”

Here’s a sketch of the new Mount Rushmore quarter.

mount rushmore quarter