Michael Moore Takes To Twitter To Demand Stricter Gun Control

Michael Moore has taken to Twitter to call for tighter gun controls after a shooter killed 27 people – including 20 children – at a Newtown grade school.

The Bowling for Columbine director tweeted:

“Too soon to speak out about a gun-crazy nation? No, too late. At least THIRTY-ONE school shootings since Columbine.”

He later added:

“The way to honor these dead children is to demand strict gun control, free mental health care, and an end to violence as public policy.”

Michael Moore’s Twitter plea was just one of many made by horrified Hollywood stars, though Moore’s long history of campaigning for tighter gun control means the director’s views may carry more weight.

His tweets may also become a reality in the future: since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, around 40,000 people have signed a White House petition that will now require an official response from the Obama administration.

Twenty children and seven adults died on Friday when 20-year-old Adam Lanza launched his shooting attack at the Newtown school. The gunman also died, having turned the gun on himself.

Authorities recovered two 9mm handguns from the scene: one a Glock and one a SIG Sauer. A .223 caliber rifle manufactured by Bushmaster Firearms International was found in the back of a car in the parking lot, but was not used at the school.

Michael Moore’s Twitter campaigning was echoed by Current TV host John Fugelsang, who criticized what he sees as slack gun control laws:

Parks Recreation star Rashida Jones also joined the fight for stricter gun control laws:

And actress Mia Farrow tweeted:

Both Moore and Fugelsang also defended themselves against those who felt they were scoring political points from a tragedy:

What do you think about Michael Moore’s Twitter proposal for stricter gun controls?