“Maneater” Comes True When Oates Bites Hall’s Face

Maneater is a hit song from the 1980’s by the band Hall and Oates. Real life neighbors turned the song into reality on December 10th when Robert Oates, 48, bit Scott Hall, 40, above the eye for not testifying on his behalf in court.

Oates was fighting charges of an underage consumption complaint. Now he’s fighting charges of assault.

ABC affiliate NewsChannel5 first reported the odd story about not so brotherly love, which Yahoo News and various other media outlets have since taken nationally.

According to the report Oates and his friend Ronald Mantz, 53, confronted Hall in the late evening. Oates bull rushed Hall bringing him to the ground, and bit him above the eye leaving a bleeding wound. Oates and Mantz then got up and went back to Oate’s house next door.

While no parties were available for comment, the police report states that after taking care of Hall officers went to Oates house. Oates then resisted arrest forcing officers to use a taser to subdue him. Mantz also resisted and both men were described as highly intoxicated by police.

Oates later told police Hall swung at him first. A likely story for a man now facing charges including felonious assault, resisting arrest and obstructing official business. Mantz faces the same charges.

Scott Hall was described by police as having suffered injuries to his right hand and abrasions to the right side of his face.

Do you think this strange event would be national news if not for the names of the people involved?