‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 7 Spoilers: Showrunners Explain New Curse And New Villain

Once Upon A Time Season 7 will feature a brand new curse. However, this time, it will be much more difficult to break. At the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz teased what to expect. The new curse was explained, as well as the new villain, Cinderella’s (Dania Ramirez) wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine (Gabrielle Anwar).

OUAT spoilers might be ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is coming up on the fairy tale drama.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the new curse cannot be understood unless fans get to know the new villain. As with many evil characters in Once Upon A Time, villains are not born, they are made. There is something, or a number of things, that happened to Lady Tremaine that made her the way she is, Horowitz teased. Of course, viewers will learn all about those events during Season 7.

“As often is the case on Once Upon a Time, there’s more than meets the eye to what we know about the character. Lady Tremaine doesn’t like Cinderella very much and she’s got an agenda. But there is something broiling beneath that’s personal and painful that is driving all of this.”

Co-executive producer Edward Kitsis added that the Season 7 villain wants to get to the top of the royal food chain. She will do whatever is necessary to make sure she gets there. Not only that, but Lady Tremaine wants to destroy other people in her journey of rising to the top.

“She’s somebody who wants to get to the top and will use any means necessary. So why it’s important for her to be royal, why it’s important for her to crush everyone else, is the story of the year. In true Once Upon a Time fashion, evil isn’t born, it’s made, and we’ll see that with her as well.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the title of OUAT Season 7 Episode 1 is “Hyperion Heights.” There were a lot of theories, but the title was finally explained. It is the name of a neighborhood in a land without magic. In that world, Lady Tremaine is a developer.

It was also explained by executive producer David H. Goodman that the neighborhood is part of Seattle and is more densely populated than Storybrooke. Unlike the previous seasons, in which everyone was cursed, in the Hyperion Heights neighborhood, it is a mixture of cursed characters and normal, everyday people.

“We’re going to see in ‘Hyperion Heights’ that the role Lady Tremaine has taken is very similar in terms of getting to the top, in terms of being a developer, who is this character who is trying to push out the fairy tale characters who are living in Hyperion Heights, gentrifying the neighborhood and bringing other people in.”

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Kistis also added some information about Lady Tremaine in Once Upon A Time Season 7.

“Lady Tremaine learned the lesson that Regina [Lana Parrilla] didn’t, which is don’t keep them all together where one day they can find themselves, push them the hell out! You push them the hell out and you gentrify the neighborhood and you bring in a cold press juicer and they can’t afford it anymore, then you won’t worry about the Pied Piper finding, you know, Alice [Rose Reynolds]”

Goodman couldn’t give anything major about the curse away without spoiling it. However, he did tease a little clue.

“[Lady Tremaine] is sort of Regina-prime and she’s trying to figure out a way to scatter these fairy tale characters to the wind so they can’t be together, because as we’ve always seen, when these characters get together, they always figure out how to beat the bad guy. Not giving anything away what the curse is, but she’s learning and standing on the backs of these other curses that have come before her to be as effective a villain as possible.”

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What do you think of what was revealed about the new curse and Lady Tremaine in Once Upon A Time Season 7? Will you be watching new episodes of OUAT without the majority of the original cast?

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