The Disney Vacation Account Is Officially And Suddenly Being Discontinued

disney vacation account walt world discontinued

There are numerous and many unique ways to save for your dream vacation to a Disney destination, but the Disney Vacation Account is no longer one of them. On Tuesday, Disney officially — and suddenly — announced that they would be discontinuing the Disney Vacation Account effective immediately. For those who already have an account, no new contributions were to be accepted, and those without accounts are out of luck.

The Disney Vacation Account — better known as DVA to those in the mouse community — was a way for guests to have their own version of Scrooge McDuck’s money vault. They could use the account to save money for their upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, and it could be done in a fun fashion.

However, early Tuesday afternoon, many users of the DVA began getting emails that they could no longer add money to their accounts. That is when the official website of the Disney Vacation Account put up a message to let everyone know that the program is being totally discontinued.

“To current account holders:

Thank you for your participation in the Disney Vacation Account program. At this time, we are discontinuing the program and no new accounts or contributions are being accepted.”

As is always the case with the Disney community, word does travel very fast, and it was immediately reported on multiple forms of social media.

The DVA was a great way for many people to officially separate all of their spending for their Walt Disney World vacations. They could put aside the money they needed for every aspect of their trips, and that even included shopping and dining.

When looking at things, the Disney Vacation Account was really no different than a savings account someone can get at any bank or financial institution. The main thing here is that you could estimate the costs of every part of your Disney trip and figure out what you need as the date of arrival draws near.

The best part of it all was that guests could put money on their DVA with credit cards, debit cards, and even the convenient Disney Gift Cards. While it didn’t pay any interest off of what you were saving in the account, it did make it fun.

No real reason was given by Disney as to why the DVA program was discontinued, but they did give a number of options to current account holders as to how their current accounts can be settled.

  • Purchase a Disney Gift Card with the amount in your account.
  • Redeem the DVA amount toward a vacation of your choice.
  • Do nothing – Beginning Sept. 27, 2017, refunds will begin being processed.
  • Request a refund.

Make sure to check out the options page on the official website to determine which is the best one for you.

For many people, the Disney Vacation Account wasn’t just a great way to separate and save their money for a trip to Walt Disney World, it was fun too. They could do it all together as a family and figure out where their money would go for rooms, tickets, and even dining. Now, they’ll have to figure out another way to horde all their pennies and pay for their resort rooms, park tickets, and everything else that goes with visiting Mickey Mouse.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]