Six Sandy Hook School Children Found Hiding In Closets Hours Later [Report]

CBS is reporting that six Sandy Hook Elementary School students were found alive, hiding in closets in the school hours after the shooting.

The report of surviving school children in Newtown hiding in closets for several hours is one of several bits of information that have been disseminated on social media sites such as Twitter in the wake of the tragedy.

Following the shooting, an initial report that an entire classroom of children had not been accounted for originating from the Hartford Courant confused many, as it was not indicated whether the children were among the wounded, dead or evacuated.

A single report of children hiding in closets has emerged from Reuters’ social media deputy editor Matthew Keys, who tweets under the handle @TheMatthewKeys on Twitter.

According to Keys, WCBS-TV made the initial report, but no further confirmation has been made by media outlets about the reported survivors.

The most recent press conference about the Newtown school shooting did not address reports that children were located hiding in closets at Sandy Hook Elementary several hours after the shooting, but the report is also not implausible given the time it takes to secure a scene like the one at the school

Keys tweeted:

As information becomes available or the report is confirmed, this post will be updated. No further information is available regarding the children who may have survived the shooting by hiding.