AFA’s Brian Fischer Says CT School Shooting Happened ‘Because Schools Don’t Allow Prayer’ [Video]

Newtown, CT – American Family Association spokesman Brian Fischer dedicated an hour of his radio program this morning to talking about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Among the highlights: God did not intervene in the tragedy because “God is not going to go where he is not wanted,” and if the school really wanted to protect their students, they should have allowed prayer in the school.

Fischer started by saying that the question “where was God?” would inevitably come up regarding the tragedy, nay, abomination that occurred in a Fairfield County elementary school this morning. It’s a good question, and it’s one that people of all walks of life are likely asking right now.

The danger here is that Fischer attempted to answer the question himself, painting a picture of a smug and jealous God who is perfectly willing to let children die to prove a point rather than the loving and merciful one preached by many more, shall we say, tactful Judeo-Christian adherents.

According to Fischer, God did not intervene because he’s upset that we’ve kicked him out of our schools. Further, God would be perfectly willing to protect us and offer his grace and love should we simply invite the Ten Commandments back into our courthouses. Because God is a “gentleman,” he is “not going to go where he is not wanted,” Fischer said.

Whether or not today is the day to politicize the Connecticut Elementary School Massacre isn’t the point. Some of us may hope that the tragedy pulls us together, even though it will likely drive us apart (as politicization is apt to do), but when there are 18 children dead, maybe there’s really nothing to say at all.

And maybe Mr. Fischer should have thought of that before signing on this morning.

Watch for yourself:

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