Former WWE Intercontinental And ECW World Champion's Impact Wrestling Debut Date Revealed

A former WWE Intercontinental and ECW Heavyweight Champion will be making his Impact Wrestling debut in the beginning of August, and it is kind of out of nowhere. Johnny Mundo, formerly known as John Morrison in WWE, is still with Lucha Underground, but he will be appearing at the live events for Global Force Wrestling next month, and he won't be alone.

Last Word On Pro Wrestling reported the news and it is confirmed that Johnny Mundo will be appearing under his ring name used in Lucha Underground, and he will make his debut in New York for the August 5th live event.

Mundo is going to head into Global Force Wrestling with his fiance Taya Valkyrie at his side, and they will also be joined by Drago from Lucha Underground.

For now, there is no word on who he will be facing at the event on August 5 or who he will take on at the other events either. Jeremy Borash did confirm, though, that Mundo and Taya would work "a series of GFW Live Events" in the start of the month of August in New York and Connecticut.

There has been no word on whether the relationship will extend past these few dates.

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[Image by Lucha Underground]

The exact status of Mundo with Lucha Underground is unknown at this time as there were some recent issues between Taya and Vampiro, the head of talent for the promotion. After this happened, Mundo and Vampiro got engaged in a bit of a Twitter battle, but it is possible that could have all been a work to build up more fan excitement.

As of this time, Johnny Mundo, Taya, and Drago will work these dates for Global Force Wrestling:

  • August 4 - Long Island, NY
  • August 5 - Staten Island, NY
  • August 6 - Bridgeport, CT
Global Force Wrestling did tweet out the graphics for those three dates with the Mundo, Taya, and Drago added onto them. Not long after that, Mundo retweeted them which garnered a lot of attention from the fans.

This could all be part of a new working relationship that Jeff Jarrett has put together between GFW and Lucha Underground. It is known that AAA is the co-owner of Lucha Underground which also has a working relationship with GFW and that could be what has brought all of this together in the first place.

While the three dates that Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, and Drago will be working for Global Force Wrestling are non-televised events, it's still a huge deal for both promotions. This will not only get more attention on GFW, but it will bring some to Lucha Underground as well since it appears as if Jeff Jarrett is working on numerous talent-swap relationships with other promotions. No matter what, having a former WWE Intercontinental and ECW World Heavyweight Champion on Impact Wrestling is huge.

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