‘Kate Plus 8’: Sextuplets Celebrate 13th Birthday In This Week’s Episode, Collin Sadly Absent

Kate Gosselin’s sextuplets are celebrating their 13th birthdays during Monday night’s all new episode of Kate Plus 8, but one of the Gosselin children won’t be there to join in the fun. As the five of the six sextuplets enjoy a huge party their mother has thrown for them, Collin Gosselin, will not be there to celebrate the start of his teenage years with his siblings.

According to People Magazine, Kate Gosselin threw her kids a huge camping themed party for their 13th birthday celebration. The mother of eight, went all out as the boys had a traditional backyard camp out, and the girls went the glamping route with comfy beds and more.

In a newly released clip from Monday’s episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate reveals that after the party was winding down, her sons, Aaden and Joel decided to liven things up by pulling a prank on the girls. The boys are seen explaining their plan to scare the girls, who were camping across the yard from them, by sneaking up and blowing their air horns as they went to bed for the night. The boys and girls are then seen running and screaming around the yard having fun, as Collin is noticeably absent from the festivities.

As many Kate Plus 8 fans know, Kate Gosselin has made no secret of the fact that her son Collin is currently enrolled in a special program for behavioral and educational issues he’s been facing. The program has led Collin to miss out on many family moments such as the sextuplets birthday bash and family vacations.

Fans have spoken out on the unfairness in Collin missing these special moments. However, Kate has revealed that while she misses her son, and it feels like there is a hole in the family when he’s not there, she feels relief in knowing he’s getting the best possible care and treatment, and that he is where he needs to be at the moment.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode of Kate Plus 8 revealing that Collin Gosselin didn’t celebrate his 13th birthday with the rest of his siblings?

[Featured Image by Andy Kropa/Getty Images]