Christmas Lights On Truck Result In $274 Ticket

Wichita, KS – A man received a $274 ticket for decorating his truck in an assortment of Christmas lights, according to UPI.

David Hill explained the purpose of the decorations was to help spread some Christmas cheer to folks in the community. Hill is the founder of OneSpark, an organization devoted to feeding and clothing the homeless.

Although his intentions were good, Hill’s Christmas lights ultimately drew the attention of the local police. The man said he was issued a $274 ticket for the display two weeks ago while traveling down the highway.

Hill said of the situation:

“I’m not saying he was right or wrong. The bottom line is there’s so many people in this town right now that are hurting. And literally, there’s been thousands of people that have taken pictures with that truck and it’s brought a smile to their face.”

WKRC-TV explains the Wichita Police Department felt the lights were a safety concern. This is reportedly the reason why an officer issued Hill a ticket.

“When somebody puts colored lights on their vehicle, they’re saying everybody look at me, and when people are looking at that particular vehicle, they become a hazard,” explained Lieutenant Joe Schroeder.

Hill, meanwhile, feels the truck is nothing more than a festive way to spread some holiday cheer to those who may be struggling to find something positive in their lives this season.

“We’ve literally had thousands of people do pictures with the truck or stop and come up and look at it,” the trucker’s owner remarked.

While the incident may set Hill and his endeavor back roughly $300, the OneSpark founder said the exposure his organization has received is worth the price.

Pictures of David Hill’s truck and its Christmas lights can be found at WKRC-TV’s official website. Do you think police should have issued the man a ticket because of his decorations?