‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: An Offer For Ava, Revenge On Sonny Will Be Valentin’s Priority?

General Hospital spoilers for August tease Ava will have a renewed sense of purpose, and Valentin might be the one to make her realize why she should not give up on her life. It seems like these two are going to team up with each other to fight a common enemy.

Valentin Against The World

In Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) will find Laura (Genie Francis) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Laura attacked Valentin with a crowbar, and Jason will instruct Laura to leave right away. She might be in trouble with the authorities if they discover her there. Jason will take over the situation and as detailed in previous spoilers of General Hospital, he will stop at nothing to make Valentin talk. Valentin will deny his involvement with Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicolas Bechtel) disappearance. The child will try to destroy his uncle’s life, but Valentin doesn’t seem to be a guy who will go after a kid.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Valentin is going to deny all of Jason’s allegations. Jason will use force to make Valentin talk, but the man has nothing to tell him. Even after reeling from Jason’s blows, he will still say he knows nothing. When using his fists alone seems insufficient to make Valentin talk, Jason will take out a knife.

At this point, no one except Nina (Michelle Stafford) believes his claims. General Hospital spoilers reveal Valentin will not be in mortal danger although he will suffer at Jason’s hands. He will be free to get back to his normal routine once the real culprit behind Spencer’s kidnapping gets caught.

Prior spoilers revealed Garvey is going to be quite happy with his handiwork at the end of the work. While nothing has been revealed yet, it’s entirely possible he is involved in the child’s disappearance. Needless to say, someone might give the authorities a clue on what happened to Spencer and who the culprit is.

Revenge Plot

Valentin will definitely get beaten to a pulp in the upcoming episode of General Hospital. Even if he is not the perpetrator, it’s quite unlikely for him to receive an apology of any sort. He knows Jason is acting under Sonny’s orders. Rumors suggest Valentin will set his sights on Sonny –he is not someone who willingly forgives, after all.

Valentin will not go after a kid, but he would not think twice about taking revenge on someone his size. General Hospital spoilers tease Sonny will be in a dangerous situation given Garvey’s visit and Sam Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) mental crisis. This could be the opening Valentin needs to carry out his plan. However, he will need someone’s help to succeed on what he needs to do next.

Ava (Maura West) is not herself after seeing her reflection. Her burnt face is making her lose her will, but she will stop feeling sorry for herself soon. General Hospital spoilers suggest Ava is going to receive an irresistible offer from Valentin.

If there’s someone in Port Charles who knows how difficult it could be to look unattractive, it would be Valentin. In his younger years, Valentin looked deformed but surgery helped him change the way he looked. Fast forward a few years, he is one of the good looking guys in Port Charles.

Spoilers hint Valentin is going to offer Ava the chance to undergo reconstructive surgery if she decides to help him take revenge on Sonny. Ava might hesitate at first because she was involved in Morgan’s death, and she still feels guilty about it. General Hospital spoilers tease Valentin will talk to Ava in the first week of August, and the two might just make a pact to team up against their common enemy – Sonny.

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