School Shooting In Connecticut: At Least 27 Killed [Twitter Reacts]

A massive school shooting in Connecticut has killed at least 26 people — at least 18 of which are children. The shooting occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton on Friday.

Users on Twitter immediately took to the micro blogging site to express their pain, anger, and frustration over the shooting and the fact that children were killed.

Users have been utilizing several tags to spread the news, along with their prayers, about the shooting. The shooting was first reported on Twitter around 10 am EST and the shooting began around 9:30, according to the first 911 call.

The AP is also reporting that the shooter, who is 20 years old, was connected to the school somehow. One source on Twitter, The Hartford Courant, retweeted a message that said:

“RT @StephenBus: 9-year-old: “We were told to hold each others’ hands and to close our eyes. We opened our eyes when we were outside.”

Using the hashtags #SchoolShooting, #SandyHook, #NewtonShooting, #PrayForNewton, #Newton, and others, to express their sadness, prayers, frustration, and thoughts about the shooting. Several have begun calling for tighter gun control laws, citing the school shooting in Connecticut, as well as the Aurora Theater Massacre last July.

The following are some tweets sent out about the Connecticut school shooting:

What are your thoughts on the Connecticut school shooting, which killed at least 27 people, most of which were children?