'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam Diagnosed With Toxoplasmosis, Gives Jason Clue That Saves Sonny's Life

JohnThomas Didymus

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for July 24-28 reveal that Sam's (Kelly Monaco) mental illness continues to worsen with serious consequences. She hallucinates threats from Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and acts on her delusions by gunning him down during an encounter at a construction site. She throws him into a pit and leaves him to die.

She is convinced that she has warded off a threat by shooting Sonny. However, shooting Sonny does not help to stop her hallucinations. She continues to hallucinate threats from Sonny, and her condition worsens until she eventually collapses.

General Hospital spoilers state that when Sam returns home from shooting Sonny, Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) becomes worried about her worsening condition. He realizes that Sam is very ill and calls for help.

Sam is taken to General Hospital for treatment.

Sam continues to hallucinate threats from Sonny. She rants deliriously, wondering why Sonny is still threatening her after she shot him. She finally suffers a seizure.

She receives treatment at General Hospital. Doctor Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), assisted by Doctor Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen), diagnose her condition. The doctors determine following tests that Sam is suffering from toxoplasmic encephalitis caused by an organism called Toxoplasma gondii.

Finn is concerned that Scout Morgan (Lori and Sevan Andonian), Sam's daughter with Jason, might also have been exposed to the infection. Finn and Griffin run further tests to determine whether Scout is also infected.

Garvey (Rick Ravanello) is with Sam at the construction site when Sam shoots Sonny. Garvey also wants Sonny dead, but it is Sam who fires the bullet and dumps Sonny in a pit. Garvey might have helped Sam conceal the body under a tarp because his intention is to let Sonny die unattended. However, Garvey is also later shot and taken to the hospital.

When Sam regains consciousness after her seizure, she begins hallucinating visions of Sonny again. The clue that saves Sonny's life eventually comes from her. She tells Jason amid her confused ranting that she has shot Sonny and dumped him in a pit, so he won't hurt her and her family. Jason then realizes that Sam might have hurt Sonny and goes out in search of his friend.

He finally finds Sonny's body concealed under a tarp in a pit at a construction site.

Sonny is taken to the hospital. He will survive the near-death experience. Sam will also recover fully from illness.

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