Rob Kardashian Is Back On Social Media: Did He Violate Blac Chyna’s Restraining Order?

Rob Kardashian hasn’t been seen on social media since his tirade against his ex, Blac Chyna, which landed him in severe hot water. But now, the 30-year-old sock designer is back, posting a picture of their daughter, Dream. And fans want to know if this means he’s violated the restraining order his ex got against him for his horrible behavior.

According to Blac Chyna’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, he has not violated his restraining order Blac Chyna has against him. The restraining order keeps Rob 100 feet away from his ex at all times in addition to not being able to post private information about her online, such as photographs of her nude. He is also not allowed to contact Blac Chyna, and he has not done so from the social media presence.

In the next hearing, Blac Chyna and Lisa Bloom will take more permanent measures against Rob Kardashian. Although Rob Kardashian’s “revenge porn” act against Blac Chyna could get him up to six months in jail, it is unknown whether or not that will actually occur and it seems the next time they go to court, the parents of 8-month-old Dream will hash it out.

According to Us Weekly, the parents have been fairly cooperative with their daughter, Dream. They have 50/50 custody of their daughter and each has a nanny that picks her up to take to the other house.

Rob Kardashian’s return with an adorable photo of Dream is evidently okay in the eyes of the court, however the reality star will be attending a family court hearing with ex Blac Chyna and the family dynamics could change considerably after that.

Blac Chyna has spoken out against those who have accused her of dating Rob Kardashian for the money. As the founder of Lashed Cosmetics, she maintains that she has never needed a man to take care of her. She also stated that she returned the majority of the items he gave her and that the cars he had given her that the tabloids talked so much about were actually leased.

Chyna has also moved on with a new man, who has since gotten her initials tattooed behind his ear.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]