For Some Reason, People Believe Chester Bennington And Chris Cornell Were Murdered By A Pedophile Ring [Hoax]

The sudden and tragic death of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington earlier this week has had the music world up in arms, but many feel there is more to it. Despite his death being ruled a suicide by hanging, there are many conspiracy theorists out there who believe that Bennington’s death was actually a murder. Adding to it, they believe Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell also didn’t die by suicide, but that he was killed by a child pedophile ring.

Cornell died back in mid-March and as reported by the Sun, his cause of death was ruled as a suicide by hanging. Billboard has also reported the Los Angeles County coroner has confirmed Bennington’s cause of death to be a suicide by hanging which means the two musicians and friends died in the exact same fashion.

Still, there are a number of people out there who feel as if there is more to the story and that the suicides are ways of covering up their murders.

An article has started being passed around from YourNewsWire, and it is being shared left and right on social media. It details information that alleges the deaths of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell were actually murders executed due to the stars threatening to expose a child pedophile ring.

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Bennington and Cornell were close friends and it was known that the Linkin Park singer was also working with Cornell’s foundation to help prevent child abuse as reported by the Boston Globe. Chester Bennington had admitted to being abused by an older male when he was a child, and it was a very serious subject for him.

According to the report from Your News Wire, investigators believe the deaths of both musicians may be linked and it is all due to them coming close to exposing a pedophile ring. Well, while they were working to stop child abuse, Cornell and Bennington were not murdered and the story being passed around is entirely fake.

As reported by Snopes, the website reporting the murder story is a “fake news web site” which actually has no sources or backing for their information. No law enforcement officials have ever said anything regarding murder in the deaths of Bennington or Cornell. Both of their deaths have also been confirmed and ruled suicides by hanging.

One of the people labeled as “investigators” in the story is a person named Randy Cody who is actually a blogger in charge of the website called The Metal Den. He is not affiliated with law enforcement of any kind or in any state.

By Saturday afternoon, the article had been shared more than 520,000 times and the number keeps growing. In the past, many legitimate publications have warned against believing and spreading fake news sites and CBS News even listed “YourNewsWire” as one of the worst.

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The deaths of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell are very hard to take and knowing that their lives ended so very early due to suicide makes them even more difficult to accept. Linkin Park and Soundgarden have millions of fans around the world and fans are deeply saddened to know two of their icons are now gone from this world. While they did work at stopping child abuse, their lives did not end in murder due to a child pedophile ring as some reports now state.

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