Hilarious Dog Posing In Photo Shoot For Adoption Is Like All Of Us Trying To Create First Impression


A 4-month-old, four-pound puppy who has been up for adoption since June at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) and having difficulty getting adopted won hearts with his goofy photos on Twitter and got adopted within just two days.

Named Carpe Diem by the shelter, the wacky dog brought out the best funny faces for the photo shoot when volunteer photographer Kelly Winquist decided to help out the little guy with some camera moments.

The little Chihuahua-mix looks naturally funny that made people on Twitter go gaga over his outgoing, sweet, and quirky nature.

While most posts of the adoptable pets at SFACC tend to get a fairly modest amount of likes and shares on social media channels, this pooch has stolen the show with 1,214 retweets and a huge 2,669 likes.

He makes cute and awkward camera faces – one sticking out his long tongue, another raising eyebrows producing huge bulging eyes, and yet one more feigning a funny nonchalant lopsided smile!

Do you remember that time when you tried to impress your girlfriend’s parents or tried to impress that hot girl in college – and you totally goofed up and came across as silly? Then you will totally relate to Carpe Diem’s weird faces trying to create an impression.


SFACC was flooded with offers of homes for the lovable little weirdo.

The furry little lad was found wandering the streets and was brought to the shelter by a good Samaritan in June.

“[Photos have] a tremendous impact!” Deb Campbell, a representative for SFACC, told The Huffington Post.

“Being able to showcase the shelter animals in beautiful – and yes, sometimes funny – photos inspires people to visit the shelter to adopt, even from distant cities.”

The dog that was named Carpe Diem because he always seizes the opportunity to make people grin.

“Who doesn’t like a smile in their day? Carpe Diem gave us that little gift every day during his stay with us,” Campbell said.

The shelter posted the pictures of the teeny-tiny one to their Twitter page on July 11 and got a tremendous response and by July 13, Carpe Diem attracted an adopter and immediately found his fur-ever home. The adopter had another furry friend waiting at home who was also adopted from SFACC and is called Jenkins.

Carpe Diem’s adorable new name at his new home is Turbo.


If you are interested in adopting a one-of-a-kind canine or cat of your own, Campbell says SFACC has plenty more looking for forever homes.

If you live or will be in the San Francisco area on July 23, SFACC is participating in a national campaign with NBC called “Clear The Shelters” in which all of its animals will be available for adoption at no charge.

[Featured Image by Dmussman/Shutterstock]