Florida community wants to evict 6-year-old

Kim LaCapria

No really, Kimberly Broffman, get off of their lawns.

Kimberly, a 6-year-old in the custody of her grandparents, is facing eviction by local law enforcement because her grandparents live in a retirement community. The child has lived in the house her whole life, as her mother is unable to care for her due to unspecified drug problems. Now authorities plan to remove the girl from the only home she's ever known and place her in foster care with strangers due to a homeowners association policy.

Kimberly's grandparents, Jimmy and Judie Stottler, have been unable to sell their home and move elsewhere due to the housing market crash. The Stottlers have even lowered the price from $225,000 to $129,000, willing to get completely hosed on the move just to keep their family intact, but no one is buying. The battle has been going on for several years, the better portion of Kimberly's life, but the Stottlers are of limited resources to fight the situation.

Check out the MSNBC video below, where neighbors of the Stottman's advocate for tearing the family apart. One woman, who looks like she's about to start talking boot-straps, cruelly states that Kimberly should be ejected from her home. And the president of the homeowners association looks positively gleeful as he discusses the prospect of getting sheriffs to forcibly remove the small girl. He says in response to a question about who will take Kimberly:

"No, the sheriff will. I will merely be the President of the Board who is trying to enforce the policies of our association that she agreed to when she moved in."

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