Ariel Winter Joins ‘No Bra’ Club In Racy Tiny Top: Twitter And Instagram Cheer

Ariel Winter has become a member of the unofficial “no bra” club, sporting a tiny tank top that bared her nipples and exposed her side boob. And as far as Twitter and Instagram are concerned, the social media platforms generally approved, with most reacting positively to Winter’s decision to skip the bra and bare her cleavage and defending her from those who tried to body-shame Ariel.

Hollywood Life was among those applauding the 19-year-old Modern Family actress for carrying off her braless style successfully.

“Ariel Winter somehow manages to look both casual-cool and sexy as hell! The Modern Family actress rocked the braless look.”

Spotted on July 20 going into the studio in Los Angeles, California, Ariel appeared relaxed in her hot outfit. Winter combined her tiny gray tank top with tight jeans and black boots but skipped the bra.

“Her steamy sideboob and nipples were on display,” noted Hollywood Life, praising her for her “effortless edge.”

Winter often opts for upscale chic styles, complete with makeup to the max, according to the media outlet. But to complement that no-bra look, she dressed down even when it came to her skin. Ariel skipped all makeup with the exception of lengthening her lashes.

With her red tresses pulled back into a soft bun, Ariel also flaunted her rib-cage tattoo. Twitter supported the no-bra, sideboob-baring look.

One user pointed to the heat wave in defending the actress.

“I love how everyone is commenting on her ‘side boob.’ You must’ve never worn a bra in this heat! Leave the woman alone and let her be cool.”

Winter herself responded on Instagram to those who commented on her outfit that bared her side boob. You can see her NSFW comment and photo here.

“I felt the need to point out that I am carrying a milk filled oil can cup I got from Cars Land… f**k with me,” wrote the actress.

Ariel Winter flaunts her body confidence despite body shamers criticizing her side-boob-baring outfits.
Ariel Winter flaunts her body confidence despite body shamers criticizing her side-boob-baring outfits. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Some fans shared their support, expressing love for her curves and encouraging Winter to ignore the body-shaming haters.

“You are amazing and I love all of your styles and may all the troll get poked in the eye with a firey stick!” wrote one member of Team Ariel Winter.

But while some fans cheered her retort, others paid more attention to what her outfit revealed.

“Holy side boob!…Best side boob 2017.”

In an adorable contrast, Ariel also tweeted out a throwback photo of herself, complete with braces.

Winter has become known for her self-confidence and decision to share her positive body image, even revealing her breast reduction and resulting self-esteem, noted Hollywood Life.

“She’s gained a ton of confidence since her breast reduction.”

And while some body shamers have attacked her for wearing revealing attire, Ariel has earned applause from fans on both Twitter and Instagram. She recently shared one of her most glamorous looks yet.


A post shared by ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) on

“Hot lady,” gushed one fan.

“Oh my god I love you,” praised another.

Entertainment Tonight pointed out that although Ariel’s appearance in Los Angeles on Thursday “flashing some major side boob” is getting all the attention right now, Winter has long been known as a positive body image advocate.

Ariel Winter responds to those criticizing her revealing style by sharing her positive self-image.
Ariel Winter responds to those criticizing her revealing style by sharing her positive self-image. [Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Glamour]

Previously this month, Ariel headed to Twitter to respond to those criticizing her shorts, describing herself as “annoyed” by those who focused on her shorts. Particularly perturbed at comments that she was “squeezing” into the shorts or that it was not all right for someone with her curves to wear that type of attire, Winter clapped back at the negative commentators.

“It’s SUMMER. Get over it.”

And just in case the body-shaming haters didn’t get it, Ariel elaborated on the weather and her response.

“It’s hot, I’m obviously going to wear minimal clothes,” she added.

And for those who wanted her to cover up more, Winter summed up her feelings.

“I’m not going to suffer in a turtleneck to please anyone,” stated the Modern Family actress.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]