Jenni Rivera’s Body Repatriated To US

Jenni Rivera’s body has returned home to California, nearly a week after a plane crash in northern Mexico killed the singer and several others.

The family of Jenni Rivera held out hope that the singer had somehow, against all odds, survived the crash in rough, remote Mexican territory, but, earlier this week, the star’s remains were positively identified along with that of her publicist, removing all doubt the singer had perished when the plane “disintegrated” at impact.

Rivera’s brother Pedro, Jr. talked to CNN on Wednesday about his sister’s final wishes, saying that Jenni had just recently updated her final wishes should such a situation arrive, and the network explains:

“Rivera had left a letter for her loved ones and gave instructions to her sister Rosie regarding the circumstances under which it should be read, her brother Pedro Jr. told CNN en Español on Wednesday … He said the letter stipulated that she did not want to be cremated, as the family had originally planned to do, and that the authorities should hand over her remains to her siblings.”

Pedro added:

“Jenni always had advisers who helped her to work and to make things right … She prepared a letter about a month, month and a half ago.”

Edward James Olmos

Seven passengers in total were on the plane when it crashed, and no survivors were located after the plane was found. Late last night, Jenni Rivera’s body was returned to the US, arriving as a small gathering of fans waited at Long Beach Airport in California to pay their final respects to the popular Mexican-American singer.