Vodka Saves Elephants Stranded In Siberia

Two Polish circus elephants are alive today thanks to gallons and gallons of vodka. The elephants were saved from the deadly Siberian winter by drinking alcohol.

One official was quoted by the BBC, saying:

“They started roaring like if they were in the jungle!Perhaps, they were happy.”

According to CTV News, the two elephants were staying in a trailer outside of the city of Novosibirsk. The elephants were forced to move outside, however, when the trailer caught fire on Thursday night.

The circus trainers weren’t able to get a truck until the weekend and needed to do something to save the elephants. That something turned out to be vodka.

Leonid Labo, the animals trainer, diluted about three gallons of vodka with warm water for the elephants to drink. Labo said that the vodka saved the elephants, who only suffered minor frostbite to their ears during the ordeal.

Rostislav Shilo, the Novosibisk zoo director, said that the animals were not harmed or even intoxicated by drinking vodka.

The zoo may claim that the elephants were saved by drinking vodka, but some people are criticizing the trainer for putting the animals in danger. Vodka can make the body feel warmer in cold conditions, but it actually lowers the core body temperature.

So maybe “saved” is too strong of a word. Maybe the zoo keepers should have said: “Vodka made the Siberian winter much more enjoyable for two elephants.”

Surprisingly, vodka isn’t the only magical alcohol in the news lately. A man recently had his eyesight saved by drinking whiskey.