X-Ray Pin-Up Calendar Redefines Beauty And Creepiness At The Same Time

Forget the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or the hot rod pinups calendar you look forward to hanging in your garage every year, now you can see if beauty really is beyond skin deep. A group of sexy models recently posed for full body shots, and they did so behind an x-ray machine that captured their inner beauty — literally.

The X-ray pin-up calendar is the work of a German advertising company and is likely geared towards radiologists and bone specialists who have nothing better to do than look at sexy women in their “true form.”

Known as the “bone-bunnies” this group of hot — we assume — models pose in the bone buff, and they do it while sporting high heels that show off their toes and the bones that support them.

We’re not sure what the calendar was suppose to be promoting, but the “Got Milk” campaign could learn a little sometime about promoting “healthy bones” through this campaign.

The suggestive poses are still featured front and center with the X-Ray Pin-Up Calendar, but this time viewers are forced to use their imagination more than they would with most pin-up calendars.

Here are a few more shots from the calendar. Let us know what you think:

Would you hang the X-Ray Pin-Up Calendar in your home or garage, or is it a bit creepy for your liking?