Google To Launch Music Service Called Google Audio

Google is set to continue on its march towards global domination of just about any space it feels like with news that the search giant is preparing a music service called Google Audio

Google is said to be in negotiations with the big music labels, although it’s not clear whether the service will be a streaming site (such as or Grooveshark) or a store along the lines of iTunes, reported the Washington Post.

The entry into music isn’t a first for Google, with the company already offering a free ad supported music service in China. That site has the backing on the big four, so the relationship is already in place for a push into the United States.

The other unknown aspect is whether Google will be approaching the music service as it has with books: copy them all then offer the public domain items free of charge. The idea that Google might archive the world’s music is divine for a music lover, however the music industry may not be overly amused by the idea.