‘Dean For Bachelor’ Trends After ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay’s Decision: Fans Urge 2017 Dean Vote [Spoilers]

In the wake of Monday night’s Bachelorette episode, Twitter has come alive with a new and popular hashtag. And that hashtag proclaims that people want Dean Unglert to be the new Bachelor. The constant stream of tweets coming in to the hashtag named #DeanForBachelor shows just how heartbroken Bachelorette folks were to see Dean not get a coveted rose from Rachel Lindsay at the end of the episode, especially after Rachel and Dean professed their love for one another. Viewers of the show have watched Dean open up to Rachel about his harrowing past, as he watched his mother die from cancer as a 15-year-old boy. In the wake of his mother’s sad death, Dean said that his family fell apart and his dad changed quite a bit.

As reported by USA Today, Dean hails from Aspen, Colorado. Dean was the young one of Rachel’s bunch of bachelors, and Rachel criticized him at some points for not being serious enough – or rather, using humor to mask his true emotions. Eventually, Dean revealed to Rachel that he hadn’t spoken to his dad in two years and that it had been eight years since the whole family got together.

Dean also noted that his dad was a Sikh convert, a much different state that Dean remembers his dad being in when he was growing up. Dean finally had it out with his dad during an argument wherein Dean confessed that he felt his dad wasn’t nurturing enough after Dean’s mom died. For his part, Dean’s dad confessed that he only knew how to make money and take care of the family and that he was angry, too, at his wife’s death.


As seen on Dean’s Instagram account, named “Deanie Babies,” Dean is getting plenty of comments from well wishers about voting for Dean to become the next Bachelor.

While fans are tweeting about starting a petition for Dean, others are urging people to vote for Dean to become the 2017 Bachelor. On the Warner Brothers’ casting webpage, there’s information that says folks can “nominate someone else or to apply online” by filling “out our online submission form” at the “Online Application or Nomination (Guys & Girls)” link.

Therefore, in the wake of controversies over whether or not Dean was exploited for his dad’s religious storyline, it will be interesting to see if Dean pops up as the next available Bachelor.


[Featured Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]