‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Which Houseguest Got Hot Sauce Thrown In Their Eyes?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from Monday (July 17) include more than what happened during the Week 3 Veto Ceremony. The BB19 cast had a bit of drama over a lost pool match, with Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez each harming their reputations in the game this season. Josh did survive in the house following his Week 1 bullying of Megan Lowder, though, so it’s possible he skates through this mess as well.

These Big Brother 19 spoilers played out on the CBS live feeds, with a report by fan site Joker’s Updates stating that the problems began around 3:06 p.m. PT. Josh Martinez and Mark Jansen made a wager on a game of pool, with the loser having to drink a glass half-filled with pickle juice and half-filled with hot sauce. If it sounds like a terrible idea, the execution between the two guys was even worse.

One of the biggest problems of the situation was that Josh didn’t understand the rules of pool. When Josh scratched on the eight-ball, Mark told him that the game was over and that Josh had lost. Despite everyone in the backyard agreeing with Mark, Josh feels that he has now won the game. How he arrived at that conclusion is a mystery, but Josh brings the cup of pickle juice and hot sauce to Mark so that he can drink it. Mark wants no part of that, taking the cup and throwing the contents in Josh’s face.

As a person might imagine, Josh Martinez did not take kindly to having pickle juice and hot sauce thrown in his eyes and he had another breakdown in the BB19 house. It’s going to be interesting to see how much of this installment of Big Brother 19 spoilers gets shown by CBS, especially since what Mark did could be considered assault outside of a reality competition show. A lot of arguing followed up the hot sauce to the face, with Josh also retrieving ketchup and ranch dressing from the house to throw all over Mark.

As typically happens when Josh becomes emotional about something in the house, it turns to insults about game play, with Josh accusing Mark Jansen of being involved in the decisions by Cody Nickson to try to get Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott out of the game. Though the argument would cool down at times, the two guys were still complaining about it to their respective alliance members hours later. It also got the rest of the house talking about them when they weren’t in the room.

Following the Veto Ceremony on Monday, it seems like the BB19 house was going to be relatively quiet. As for the Big Brother 19 spoilers that directly pertain to the Veto Ceremony, Jason Dent decided not to use use the Power of Veto, keeping Jessica Graf and Dominique Coopers as the two nominees for eviction. One of the ladies will be getting their meeting with Julie Chen on July 20.

Will the drama between Josh Martinez and Mark Jansen blow over before the next Eviction Ceremony? Will Big Brother producers do anything about one houseguest throwing hot sauce in the face of another one? There were so many pranks getting played on the houseguests during the day that this could become just a blurb in the Diary Room. On the other hand, these Big Brother 19 spoilers could shape how the houseguests interact for the rest of the week.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]