O.J. Simpson Has A Good Chance Of Getting Paroled, Las Vegas District Attorney Supports His October Release

O.J.Simpson has “a great chance” of getting paroled after serving eight, almost nine years behind bars for a 2008 armed robbery conviction, ABC News reported.

Simpson now is 70 years old and has a clean prison record. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison and has served almost nine years. His attorney feels that Simpson has a great chance of being released.

According to NBC News, the Las Vegas district attorney doesn’t even oppose his October release and believes that if O.J. behaved himself during his nine-year stay in prison, he should be released.

The four other men who went with O.J. to the motel room to retrieve two memorabilia dealers sports collectibles and personal items that Simpson believed belong to him, took a plea deal and received probation.

Simpson will appear by video conference on Thursday, July 20. The parole board will question him and determine if he is fit to be released from prison in October.

The board will consider his age, whether his conviction was for a violent crime, his criminal history (he has none), and his plans after his release.

Nevada has 13,500 prison inmate, and the Board of Parole hears an average of 2,000 hearings per year. They grant parole to approximately 82 percent of the prisoners that served their minimum sentence.

Board members Connie Bisbee, Tony Corda, Adam Endel, and Susan Jackson noted that Simpson has a positive prison record with no disciplinary actions during his nearly nine-years behind bars.

The parole board state they will give their answer the same day as the hearing. Typically, it takes a few days to learn an inmates fate.

O.J. leads a Baptist prayer group, mentors inmates, and works in the gym.

Laurie Levenson, a law school professor, predicts that Simpson will receive a “tsunami” of public attention after his release. She claims that all, including the victim of the crime, expects O.J. to be paroled.

Al Lasso, a Las Vegas defense attorney who followed the case, claimed that any other defendant other than Simpson would have received probation and certainly not a 33 -year- prison sentence.

Another Las Vegas attorney believes that it seems pretty clear that the judge who handed him the severe sentence thought that he got away with murder in 1995 (Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman).

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