‘Alaskan Bush People’ Ami Brown’s Estranged Brother And Mother Remain ‘Determined’ To See Her

Alaskan Bush People fans know the story of Ami Brown being estranged from her mother and brother. Her family claims to have had no contact with her since she was 15 years old and married Billy Brown. Shortly after their wedding, Ami ended her relationship with her family. Her brother, Les Branson, puts the blame squarely on Billy Brown’s shoulders.

Les and Ami’s mother is 84 years old and is now suffering from the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. Having gone 38 years without talking to her daughter, she has made several attempts to reconnect, but Ami has chosen not to. Fans of Alaskan Bush People saw how upset Ami got over the accusations of her family that Billy was controlling and the reason for her decision. Whatever the issue is, Ami has made it clear it is between her and her family.

Les and mom keep up with Ami and how she is doing. That became apparent to fans when news first broke of Ami’s cancer diagnosis. Les was the one that made it public, before Ami and Billy Brown, Alaskan Bush People, or the Discovery Channel made any announcements.

According to Radar Online, Eugene is more determined than ever to reconnect with her daughter. Knowing that Ami is in a battle for her life against late stage cancer is devastating enough when the relationship is solid. In the case of Ami and her mother and brother, it is even more devastating with so many things that need to be said.


Les shared that both he and his mom have called the Discovery Channel to leave messages for Ami Brown. So far no call has been returned, however. Their plan is to find out exactly where his sister is and travel there to make every attempt possible to see her. Recent reports have said the Brown family was seen in Arizona last week, as they were traveling from California to their new home in Dolores, Colorado. Some of the Brown family has already been seen in the small town, and word broke that Noah and his fiance’ Rhain will be getting married there.


Could Les and mom be planning a trip to Colorado sooner rather than later? Would you like to see the Alaskan Bush People matriarch reconnect with her family to make amends before it is too late? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]