‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Marlena Works Her Magic On Sonny, Eli Surprises Lani

Days of our Lives spoilers for the current week reveal that Sonny Kiriakis is going to need all the help he can get. As many DOOL viewers know, Sonny has confessed to the murder of Deimos Kiriakis and even has a surprising witness to back up his story. Now, Sonny’s in some serious trouble with the law, and everyone will be scrambling to find a way to help him out of it.

According to Soap Opera Spy, Sonny will enlist the help of Dr. Marlena Evans, who has been hypnotizing many Salem residents to get information about the night that Deimos was killed. This week on Days of our Lives, it’s Sonny’s turn to be hypnotized, but will he remember anything that can help him, or hurt him, about the night of the murder?

Meanwhile, Marlena will also take some time to catch up with her old friend, Abe Carver. The two will talk about the happenings of their lives, and Abe will mention his relationship with Valerie. Marlena will kindly offer some relationship advice, as Days of our Lives viewers have seen her do many times in the past, and Abe will likely follow his friend’s advice about moving forward with Valerie in the future.

Days of our Lives viewers will also see Abe’s daughter, Lani, get an interesting offer from Valerie’s son, Eli. Eli will reportedly come up with a surprising idea, and Lani will be on board with it. The plan will likely have something to do with figuring out who actually killed Deimos Kiriakis, and helping to get Sonny’s name cleared of the crime.


It seems that DOOL fans will see Lani and Eli’s relationship begin to blossom in the coming weeks. Even though Lani is currently in a relationship with JJ Deveraux, it appears that the NBC soap opera is set on pushing Lani and Eli closer. If this happens, it could free up JJ to get back together with Gabi Hernandez in the future.


What are your thoughts on the latest Days of our Lives spoilers and news? Do you think Sonny is the one who killed Deimos?

[Featured Image by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images]