Is Zoe Saldana Pregnant With Bradley Cooper’s Baby?

Bradley Cooper

Is Zoe Saldana pregnant? Well, we’re not going to be quick to say yes, but in the recent weeks she’s made some questionable fashion choices while attending events with on-again-off-again boyfriend Bradley Cooper. Saldana, who usually wears tight clothing has been seen out and about in loose fitting clothing as of late, and it appears the actress may have a bit of a “bump” to cover up.

This month alone, Saldana has been seen at different events in superfluous dresses and forgiving tops that aren’t usually in her wheelhouse of fashion choices. On December 3 the actress was seen in a long, over sized flannel shirt, which may hint that she has a little extra something to hide.

The real kicker is her look on December 4. A side-view photo of Saldana shows that there appears to be something worth investigating. Also, it bares repeating that Saldana was eager to become pregnant back in April. At the time Saldana said of her needs to become a mother:

“I`m Latin, we start young. At 22, you`re like, ‘I`m getting an itch to hold something; I just wanna have a little critter.` I was dating my partner and you wanna be respectful. He wasn’t ready, and then when he got ready I didn`t have time. Making the decision to wait with him was one of the most mature things. Had I been, like, the traditional person that I really am, I would have been, ‘I’ll find somebody that can give me a baby.’ I`m glad that I respected him”

Do you think Zoe Saldana is pregnant with Bradley Cooper’s baby, or is it just wishful thinking?