‘Big Brother 19’ July 16 Episode Recap: Spoilers From Sunday Night Episode Include HOH Winner, Week 3 Nominees

The Big Brother 19 July 16 episode recap comes from Sunday night and revealed to CBS viewers who won the July 13 HOH Competition. The Thursday night episode came to an end before the competition was finished, as an endurance challenge played out on the live feeds. By the end of this latest hour, viewers would know who the new Head of Household was and who they had nominated for eviction. Episode 9 of Big Brother 19 aired on CBS at 8 p.m. PT/ET on Sunday, July 16.

The HOH Competition was called “Space Cadets” and the houseguests were all perched on the side of a moving wall with a small platform to stand on. The object of the challenge was to be the last person left in the competition. Josh Martinez, Mark Jansen, Raven Walton, and Ramses Soto were the first four houseguests to fall (in order) from the wall where they were perched. Kevin Schlehuber, Matt Clines, Jessica Graf, and Dominique Cooper were the next four people to fall (in order).

The final three people left in the July 13 HOH Competition were Jason Dent, Elena Davies, and Alex Ow. The trio stayed up a while longer before coming to an agreement on how they would all be safe. Jason dropped off after Elena and Alex promised him safety from nomination and eviction. Elena dropped right after that when Alex promised her safety for the week as well. That made Alex Ow the Week 3 Head of Household.

Alex Ow sat down with Jason Dent first to go over what she wanted to see happen during the Week 3 nominations. This is where some of the Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds emerged, as Alex stated that she wanted to get someone out from the primary alliance. While they agreed that Jessica Graf would have to be nominated to keep the peace, they needed to figure out who to set as the target against her on the block. Dominique Cooper was one of the names that eventually came up as a potential target.

Later, Alex would chat with Paul Abrahamian who advised putting half of a showmance on the block next to Dominique Cooper, in order to then make sure that Dominique got voted out. He suggested either going with Mark Jansen or Raven Walton, as it would then cause Elena Davies and Matt Clines to vote against Dominique. This started to make some of the BB19 cast rather grumpy, as they didn’t like getting used as pawns. Elena felt that Matt should have been protected by Alex after their HOH Competition agreement.

The Big Brother 19 July 16 episode continued with Jason Dent and Jessica Graf shedding their costumes and finally regaining their freedom to go around the BB19 house without a lily pad or by hopping. Then it was time to show Christmas Abbott returning from the hospital. She talked about the damage to her foot and how it would take quite a while for her to recover from 10 broken bones. She even had to have a donor bone placed in her foot because one was broken so badly. Everyone in the house felt bad, but especially Jason Dent.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Alex Ow revealed that she had nominated Dominque Cooper and Jessica Graf for eviction. Dominique was the primary target for eviction, with Alex making the decision with a lot of help from Paul Abrahamian. They had backup nominees ready to go, with Jessica not necessarily safe either. The plan, though, was to make sure that it was Dominique getting a meeting with Julie Chen next.

That brings an end to this Big Brother 19 July 16 episode recap, but another report by the Inquisitr reveals who won the Veto for any reader that wants to learn that information now.

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