Tori Roloff Leaves Jackson For The First Time, Posts Adorable New Pic Post-Separation

Tori Roloff left her newborn son, Jackson, for the very first time this past weekend. The Little People, Big World star enjoyed a ladies’ weekend in celebration of her sister-in-law’s bachelorette party; Molly Roloff is getting married in just a couple of weeks.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Molly and her best gal pals hopped in a limo on Saturday and ended up at some cool-looking country and western bar where they enjoyed some line dancing and a ton of laughs. They even got a surprise visit from “party-crasher,” Amy Roloff. On Sunday, the girls headed to Domaine Serene Winery in Dayton, Oregon, for a wine tasting.

Before heading out for the weekend, Tori Roloff posted to her Instagram story. She was a bit sad to be leaving her newborn son for the first time since he was born on May 12. Although he was going to be in good hands, presumably with his dad, Zach, it is really tough to leave your baby for the first time, which is something that all new moms can easily relate to. For some moms, leaving their kids is hard each and every time. For others, it gets easier, and having a night out becomes essential.

Fortunately, it looked like Tori had a great time, even if she was missing her boys back home. In fact, after the wine tasting, Tori posted to Instagram to share that it had quickly become her new favorite hobby. She also included a few photos from the winery to share with her fans. You can check one out below.

On Sunday afternoon, Tori Roloff was back home, reunited with her little guy. She shared an adorable photo with him on her Instagram story. While she may have been able to let loose a little and enjoy some serious girl time with Molly and her friends, there’s nothing like being back with her baby boy. Thanks to a fan account, you can see the photo below. Many fans feel that baby Jackson is just impossibly adorable.

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[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]