‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Charlotte Turn Against Valentin After Spencer Reveals The Truth To Her?

Now that Valentin is back on General Hospital, things are starting to heat up once again. There is just something about this guy that has heads spinning. The fact that he supposedly killed Nikolas Cassadine has just about the whole town of Port Charles in a frenzy, especially Nik’s son Spencer.

He is raging against Valentin, the man who killed his father, and took away everything the boy had treasured in his life. Now Spencer is mad and is not afraid to let it be known. Unfortunately, his anguish will be turned onto Charlotte. According to the General Hospital previews for Monday, Spencer will be letting Charlotte in on what her papa did to his father. He will be making things worse for himself by his words. Valentin won’t be too happy about this at all.

By the look on Charlotte’s face in the previews for Monday, she will be shocked to hear that from him. She will probably not believe that he could say such a thing as to accuse her papa of hurting anyone. Valentin seems to be a totally different person around his daughter. They have a special relationship, but this may just ruin it. Charlotte will surely go to Valentin to be reassured that Spencer is lying about killing his dad. What will Valentin say to her?


Spencer may just put some doubt in the little girl’s mind on Monday’s episode of General Hospital. She is a smart one, and she may start to question why everyone seems to be against him. Will she also turn away from the papa that she adores?

There is still the question as to whether Valentin really did shoot and kill Nikolas. Some General Hospital spoilers have suggested that the whole thing on Cassadine Island was a set up and Valentin knows that Nik is alive and hiding out somewhere. However, it doesn’t seem that Nik is being brought back anytime soon, so that may just stay a rumor for now.


Poor Spencer is so sad and grieving right now. He misses his father and has lost the home that he shared with him, and everything in it. He feels that Valentin took it all away from him, but he has enlisted the help of his aunt Alexis, who just got her license back, and is suing Valentin. He is taking matters into his own hands. Spencer is positive that he will have victory over Valentin Cassadine.

Once he hears that Spencer is not only suing him but that he spilled the truth to Charlotte this week on General Hospital, Valentin may become dangerous. He could turn into the villain that he was when he supposedly shot Nik. But then again, there is a possibility that he didn’t do the dirty deed after all.


Spencer will end up leaving Port Charles again soon since the young actor, Nicolas Bechtel, has filmed his last scenes for the summer. Will Valentin do something to the little guy? Not if Laura has anything to do with it. She may just end up sending him back to boarding school to keep him safe and sound again.

Will Spencer get his sweet revenge before he leaves? Will Charlotte reject her papa and stay with Lulu and Dante? Keep watching General Hospital to see what happens next.

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