Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Reportedly Enjoy Swimming Nude And Massages On Vacation

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have grown to know each other very well since they first began a shy flirtation on the stage of The Voice, where they were coaches. Now, months after Stefani and Shelton confirmed that they were a couple, they’ve been seen together everywhere from the red carpet to the football field. Gwen has even traveled with the three boys who she shares with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale to spend vacations with Blake.

Consequently, the lovebirds reportedly know each other so intimately that when Shelton was planning a vacation with Stefani, the country crooner reportedly decided to take his lucky lady somewhere that didn’t require a bathing suit for him or a bikini for her. Celebrity Insider told readers that Blake made sure to tell Gwen that she didn’t have to stress about swimsuits on their vacation because she could join him in swimming nude, which he reportedly believes is the only way to enjoy swimming.

“Shelton believes that swimming in your birthday suit is the only way to swim.”

However, don’t hunt around for paparazzi photos of Stefani going skinny-dipping because Celebrity Insider also noted that Blake kept their nude swimming expedition private. He reportedly informed Gwen that the lovebirds would devote much of their time on vacation to luxuriating in their private pool, where she could skip the bikini.

Will Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton go from posing on the red carpet to swimming nude?
Will Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton go from posing on the red carpet to swimming nude? [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

In addition to those skinny-dipping, Shelton reportedly planned to take Stefani hunting and fishing. And if they did catch any fish, Blake had plans for hunting as well. No word whether s’mores were part of their camping plans, along with some canoodling by the campfire.

After all that exercise in the pool and forest, it sounds as if some relaxation might be nice. Blake reportedly planned that for Gwen as well, according to Celebrity Insider’s source’s description of the luxurious massages that he planned for his sweetheart.

“Shelton will make sure that his girlfriend is pampered with the help of a professional masseuse.”

The vacation plans aren’t just a spontaneous, sketchy idea, however, according to the insider. The country crooner reportedly spent weeks carefully planning out the perfect vacation for Stefani and himself. In addition to skinny-dipping in his pool, Blake wanted to take Gwen boating and “all that fun lake stuff” at his place on Lake Texoma, according to the insider.

Blake Shelton reportedly planned a vacation for Gwen Stefani that included swimming nude.
Blake Shelton reportedly planned a vacation for Gwen Stefani that included swimming nude. [Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]

Shelton reportedly was raised near the special spot where he wants to vacation with Stefani and enjoyed spending summertime at the location, noted the insider. Consequently, it’s become one of the country crooner’s most beloved places, according to the source, who said that Blake “loves” the lake and that Shelton wants to take his passion for the area to the next level by having Gwen with him.

“He loves it there, especially in the summer, it is one of his favorite places on earth,” said the insider.

“The only thing that makes [Blake’s favorite place] better is having Gwen there by his side.”

The vacation plans reportedly are so elaborate that Shelton has included every item and experience that he views as part of the “perfect summer vacation.” That means campfires, cookouts, fishing, boating, hunting, and of course, “skinny dipping” with Stefani, added the source.

“That is his idea of the perfect summer vacation,” summed up the insider.

As for Gwen’s three sons that she shares with Gavin Rossdale? Blake hasn’t forgotten about the three little boys, according to the source. Shelton reportedly has considered everything needed to give Stefani a lovely vacation, and that includes planning ways for Gwen’s three sons to enjoy themselves, too.

The country crooner reportedly planned to take the little boys hunting, fishing, and camping. After so many months spending time with them, it sounds as if Blake knows exactly what Gwen’s sons enjoy. However, sources quoted by Celebrity Insider also revealed that despite all those rumors of a secret wedding, Shelton and Stefani aren’t quite ready to walk down the aisle and make their relationship official.

Instead, the insiders say that the lovebirds pressed the pause button on those wedding plans and decided to wait until the youngsters are older. In particular, Stefani’s youngest son, Apollo, is only 3-years-old. She reportedly is concerned that the little boy isn’t old enough to understand the implications of mommy tying the knot with Shelton.

Although the sources noted that there are reportedly a variety of reasons why Blake and Gwen are waiting to walk down the wedding aisle, one key reason is allegedly Stefani’s concern about Apollo. One of the insiders shared that she wants to make sure that all three children are at a point in their young lives to understand and appreciate what it means to have Blake become their stepfather in a “forever” relationship.

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