Peter Jackson’s ‘Tintin’ Sequel Will Be Released In 2015

Peter Jackson is hoping to release his sequel to Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin in 2015.

The Hobbit director revealed that he is intending to shoot the performance capture for the movie over the next year, all whilst he concludes his work on the remaining Hobbit trilogy. Jackson will helm the movie, with Spielberg set to become one of the movie’s producers.

2011’s The Adventures of Tintin, which used computer animation and motion-capture performances from actors that included Andy Serkis, Jamie Bell and Daniel Craig, went on to gross over $373 million worldwide, and was well received by film critics too.

However it was overlooked during the 2012 awards season, and only managed to pick up a Golden Globe for best animated film. It didn’t even manage to gain a nomination for the equivalent Academy Awards category.

Jackson told Belgium’s RTBF website during publicity for The Hobbit, “Anthony Horowitz is writing the script and I will meet him next week. Then, hopefully, find a time next year – along with the postproduction of the second part of the Hobbit – to shoot Tintin 2 for two years, after which I’ll work to refine the images of the film.”

Rumors have begun to circulate that the sequel will be based on Herge’s Tintin stories, Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun. However Jackson himself has stated that he would like to use The Black Island and The Calculus Affair.

Are you excited for Tintin’s return? What did you think of the first instalment? Does The Hobbit still prove that Jackson has it?