'Home For Christmas Day': Hallmark Movies And Mysteries Gives Golden Holiday Magic For Summer

Home For Christmas Day is a tender original movie premiering on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries (HMC) this Sunday. It's all part of HMC's Golden Crown Christmas celebration. For a whole week, Hallmark Movies and Mystery fans have enjoyed their favorite holiday movies. Home For Christmas Day explores the relationship between an overly protective single mother and her only daughter and how that relationship is changed after a handsome young soldier enters her daughter's life. The movie stars Catherine Bell, Victor Webster, and Matreya Fedor.

Home For Christmas Day Synopsis

Jane McKendrick has dedicated her entire life to her only daughter, Betsy. Over the years, they have done everything together, and Jane doesn't realize it, but Betsy has been her best friend and significant other. In Jane's mind that precious relationship is threatened when Tyler, a handsome soldier captures Betsy's heart.

Jane believes the soldier is nice enough, but she feels he would make a better friend to Betsy than a lover. Jane's goal is to protect her daughter from all future hurts. Betsy doesn't know it, but her mother's past negative experiences in life have turned her heart cold to the idea of love. Jane's husband was killed while he was in the service, leaving a pregnant Jane grieving.

Believing that she can save Betsy from the pitfalls of life and love, Jane expresses her disapproval, stating that the relationship between Betsy and Tyler is moving along too quickly.

Betsy is ready for love since her feelings for the soldier have deepened. Now, she wants to make a life with him. As Betsy and the soldier become one, Jane's heart is torn since it feels like she is losing the love of her life forever.

During this time, Jane confides her feelings in Jackson, a handsome friend, who provides a big shoulder for her to lean on. But, Jackson doesn't want to be friends, he is falling for Jane and encourages her to let Betsy live her life so they can all take a chance on love.

Home For Christmas Day borrows from real-life experiences and touches on important issues that many fans will relate to. Executive producers are listed as Kim Arnott, Jennifer Aspen, David O'Donnell, and Catherine Bell. It is directed by Gary Harvey and is based on a story by Jennifer Aspen. The teleplay was written by David Golden.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries' all-new original movie, Home For Christmas Day, will air this Sunday, July 16, at 9/8 p.m. Central on HMC. The Hallmark Channel is also airing Christmas movies. The Christmas Cureis airing tonight.
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