Why Kate Middleton Isn't Referred To As Princess Like Diana And How The Duchess Continues To Honor Her

All of the titles that are attached to members of the royal family can be very confusing, to say the least. Since Kate Middleton married Prince William, her main title that is most commonly used is the Duchess of Cambridge. But why was it that Prince William's mother, Diana, was referred to as Princess Diana when she too married a prince?

The answer all boils down to the fact that English royalty are given a number of titles and choose their most major title to go by. That being said, although Kate does not go by princess, the beauty does still have that title attached to her name in addition to Duchess of Cambridge. In fact, Kate's full royal name is actually Her Royal Highness Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus. It is customary for the woman to take the first name of her husband upon marrying.

Prince William is also the Duke of Cambridge and his father Prince Charles is not only a prince by birth but was also "Invested as Prince of Wales" in 1969, as Closer relays, which makes prince his major title and was the main reason that Diana went by Princess of Wales. Diana was also born into royalty, which Kate Middleton was not.

Despite her common upbringing, Kate Middleton has transitioned into the world of royalty impeccably and demonstrates constantly the respect and admiration she has for her husband's late mother. Initially, the duchess had a rocky start and earned the nickname "Lazy Kate" due to being less present and vocal at events than she now is.

However, Middleton has done her part to help Princess Diana's legacy live on by continuing charity work mainly with those who struggle with mental illness. Kate, William, and Prince Harry have also spearheaded the Heads Together campaign, which seeks to eradicate any negative stigma attached to mental illness, as CNN reminds.

In addition, the Duchess of Cambridge uses her sense of fashion to commemorate her late mother-in-law. Princess Diana was often praised for her daring fashion choices, and Middleton often opts for attire that pays tribute to Diana's style, as Closer notes.

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