'The Christmas Cure': Hallmark 'Christmas In July' Movie Programming Event, Starring Brooke Candice Nevin

The Christmas Cure is a heartwarming new Hallmark movie that is set to air this Saturday night. Kicking off the summer holiday by presenting Christmas Keepsake Holiday programming, viewers are in for a special treat, which includes a whole week of Christmas in July movies. Hallmark is the number one Christmas destination channel.

Hallmark Channel's The Christmas Cure is about a busy female emergency room doctor who takes a week off to visit family during the Christmas holidays. It stars Brooke Candice Nevin as Vanessa, Steve Byers as Mitch, Patrick Duffy as Bruce, Kathleen Laskey as Martha, Dale Whibley as Kyle, Jocelyn Hudon as Shelly, Pip Dwyer as Mary, Charlie Boyle as Casey, and Pam Hyatt as Mrs. Willis, according to Parade.

The Christmas Cure on Hallmark takes you on a journey with the main character Vanessa, an emergency room doctor in the big city. Vanessa is always on the go and makes no room for romance in her life. That changes when she returns to her childhood home located in a small town.

When she arrives, she is met by her father, Dr. Bruce, a local doctor who taught Vanessa everything she knows. What Dr. Bruce wants is to close the family's medical practice so he can retire. Now, Vanessa is stuck between running the family business or returning home where she is up for a lucrative promotion at the hospital.

Observing her father from a distance, Vanessa sees the deep connection Dr. Bruce has in the community. She sees a lot of herself in her father and wants to continue the tradition. Meanwhile, she bumps into an old flame, who still carries a torch for her. Through their constant interactions, Vanessa and Mitch realize there is potential to re-establish their former love connection.
Steve Byers, who plays Mitch, says he connected with the character immediately and that a few of Mitch's speeches hit close to home. Byers says The Christmas Cure is a movie with a deep message and real-life situations. The Christmas Cure is produced by Chesler/Perlmutter Productions. The executive producers are Lewis Chesler and David Perlmutter. It airs Saturday, July 15 at 9/8 p.m. Central on the Hallmark Channel.
[Featured Image by Shane Mahood/Crown Media]