‘The Art Of Us’: Hallmark Channel’s ‘My Fair Lady’-Like Movie First Of Six To Air Every Saturday

The Art of Us is the first in a series of six all-original Hallmark movies that will air on the Hallmark Channel over the next several weeks. Broadway World reports that the new movie appears to be a modernized version of My Fair Lady. It is the first of six romance movies that are slated to air on the channel. The Art of Us is directed by K.T. Donaldson, with the teleplay by Karen Berger. Based on the book by Teri Wilson, the charming feature film The Art of Us stars Taylor Cole as Harper, Steve Lund as Tom, Brenda M. Crichlow as Lindsay, Frances Flanagan as Sterling, Natalie Von Rotsburg as Peyton, and Malcolm Stewart as Lars.

About The Cast Of The Art Of Us

Viewers will recognize Taylor Cole from her roles as an actress in Summerland and The Event. In addition to those roles, Taylor Cole has acted in The Glades, Ballers, Castle, and Hawaii-Five-O. To keep up with Taylor’s other television appearances and upcoming projects, you can follow her at her Twitter and Instagram pages.

Taylor Cole’s co-star, Steve Lund, is no amateur to the small screen. The former hockey player and skater got a taste for the spotlight when he attended acting school. Hallmark fans have most likely seen him in Blue Mountain State, Suits and Hemlock Grove, Schitt’s Creek, and the drama Bitten, according to Broadway World.

The Hallmark Channel movie The Art of Us centers around Dr. Harper Higgins, a part-time art instructor at the Art Bar and a professor at Boston College of Art. Art is the name of the game for Dr. Higgins. However, she wants something more. To gain tenure at the college would warm her heart, and she knows exactly how she’ll pull it off: by curating an art exhibit from a well-known university.

For the upcoming event, the well-respected professor will need to have a big-name artist lined up to seal her fate as a tenured professor. When it seems that Harper has everything organized, she runs into a snag after her artist pulls out and cancels the appearance.

The cancellation sends Harper Higgins into a frantic state as there appears to be no one else in mind that can bring the high quality of art she needs for the curation. What makes matters worse, her nemesis and main competitor will have a front row seat to Dr. Harper’s big fail.

Meanwhile, Harper Higgins meets a man named Tom Stone after bumping into each other on the street. They immediately lock eyes and strike up a friendship. Harper later finds out that Tom is a professional dog walker. With so much to do, she needs someone to help her out. And when she accepts Tom’s dinner invitation, both Tom and Harper are unprepared for the spark of romance that fires up under the stars.

After dinner, it’s back to work for Harper, who is still upset about not having a replacement. However, her problem is nearing a solution when she sees that her dog walker, Tom, is actually a talented painter. He hasn’t worked professionally in the field, and he is quite unpolished and lacks basic knowledge about artistic terminology. But with a little coaching, Harper is sure that she can fool everyone into believing that he is an accomplished artist.

Harper’s plan backfires when a mishap threatens to reveal the truth. Will Harper lose her chance at tenure and her chance at love?

Viewers will have to find out by watching Steve Lund and Taylor Cole in The Art of Us this Saturday, May 20 at 9/8 p.m. Central on the Hallmark Channel. The Art of Us is produced by Art of Us Films Inc. Another romantic Hallmark movie called The Perfect Catch aired four weeks ago.


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